Exclusively for Members of the American Nurses Association

Term Life Insurance Plan

Help protect your family's future with affordable ANA Group Term Life Insurance.  We support the American Nurses Association by offering you a single source solution to help meet your life insurance needs. With access to a top rated Insurance Company , we can provide quality group life insurance at affordable rates. You can access detailed information about this valuable insurance product through this website or contact us to request information on the insurance plan we offer you - the Member. 

Term Life Insurance is the simplest form of life insurance. It provides affordable, high benefit insurance coverage for a specific period of time at a scheduled premium level.


  • Affordable insurance coverage with desirable benefits
  • Coverage up to $250,000** in $10,000 increments
  • Available to members and spouses under age 65
  • Living Benefits Option ("Accelerated Death Benefit")
  • Smoker and non-smoker rates
  • Waiver of premium for disability
  • Conversion Privilege
  • 30-day free review - satisfaction guaranteed!


All members of the American Nurses Association in good standing and under the age of 65, who reside in the U.S. and can provide acceptable evidence of insurability are eligible to apply for coverage. All legal spouses of members under age 65, who reside in the U.S. and can provide acceptable evidence of insurability, are also eligible to apply. Unmarried, dependent children of members from six months to 21 years of age (23, if a full time student), for whom they provide support are eligible for coverage as well.


Members and or spouses may apply for benefits ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 (in $10,000 increments). Also, all dependent children, between fifteen days and six months, may be covered for $1,000. Dependent children, between six months and 21 years of age (23, if a full time student in a school, college, or university), may be covered for $2,500.

*Coverage is not available in the following states/territories: Alaska, Guam, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Oregon and Texas


The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries, including issuing company Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, Simsbury, CT 06089.

This coverage is not available in the following states at this time: ID, GA, ME, MD, MI, MT, OR, TX.

Please read the attached Brochure for more information (including costs, exclusions, limitations, reduction in benefits and terms of coverage).


Policy Form # GBD-1000 A (1540)